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About Robert Beno

Robert is passionate about sharing insights and grounding ideas that serve to empower and awaken humanity in subtle and significant ways.

Simple reminders, heart-centred wisdom and joyful sharing may assist one in the process to connect more deeply with themselves and this moment.

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What is the best way to make the world a better place?

When each of us chooses to heal by going within to clear and integrate so we may come from a place of wholeness and completeness all of humanity benefits and it produces a safer, kinder and more abundant life for everyone.

What daily things can I do to cultivate a greater sense of awareness?

Connecting within, noticing your patterns and observing your reactions can be powerful catalysts to spark transformation. Being gentle with yourself and open to the idea that you are more than the human body you see and that a deeper, greater force is alive within you can ignite the awareness that brings one into more conscious alignment with their process of awakening. You may also wish to receive the free guide titled ‘17 ways to nourish and nurture yourself daily’ which can be accessed in the footer of this website.

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Inspire Me

Inspire Me

Sometime in life and on our journey, it can help to have reminders and signposts that help shed light as we find our own way home, our way back to our true selves.

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Finding community and kinship, connecting to our tribe to learn and grow can be nourishing and powerful: soul food! Find out how to connect through our upcoming events.

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Sharing insights or perspectives to help bring calmness and centeredness as your go through your own process.

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