Robert is passionate about sharing insights and grounding ideas that serve to empower and awaken humanity in subtle and significant ways.

Simple reminders, heart-centred wisdom and joyful sharing may assist one in the process to connect more deeply with themselves and this moment.

An intense and challenging journey spanning many years saw Robert embark on a deeply confronting and ongoing process of releasing layers and sifting through the levels to reach a deeper, truer sense of being.

Robert is inspired to share wisdom that reminds of the latent and intrinsic power within us all to awaken and become more conscious, aware and fuller expressions of who we truly are.

As we begin to allow and accept ourselves and each other, we come to embrace and celebrate the unique diversity in the tapestry of life with a spirit of goodwill, kinship, service and love to humanity.

We live in interesting and liberating times.

May love and light, fun and freedom be our daily experience.


Shine Bright! Be Brilliant!


To do that which brings joy to oneself and others

To assist in the unfoldment of consciousness and blossoming of truth as we each stand together in love for the awakening of humanity and the liberation of all Beings.