What is the best way to make the world a better place?

When each of us chooses to heal by going within to clear and integrate so we may come from a place of wholeness and completeness all of humanity benefits and it produces a safer, kinder and more abundant life for everyone.

What daily things can I do to cultivate a greater sense of awareness?

Connecting within, noticing your patterns and observing your reactions can be powerful catalysts to spark transformation. Being gentle with yourself and open to the idea that you are more than the human body you see and that a deeper, greater force is alive within you can ignite the awareness that brings one into more conscious alignment with their process of awakening. You may also wish to receive the free guide titled ‘17 ways to nourish and nurture yourself daily’ which can be accessed from the homepage.

What do you mean by awakening?

Awakening is simply a term to describe the process in which we, all of us, are undergoing as part of reaching a newer, higher level of consciousness as part of the process of evolution. It refers to rising out of the slumber of unconsciousness and unawareness to fully feel, see, know oneself and moreover to create from a space of loving kindness and intrinsic wholeness that helps without harm, that cares not coerces, that enthuses and enriches all in the process of living.

What is the point of it all, or of even being here?

You are. We are. Life is. Being here, walking the earth is an auspicious and precious journey that carries with it the opportunity to realise ourselves in our highest humanity and deepest divinity. It is this truth embraced fully with realised truly that ushers in a new way of being for us all and ends the cycle of dysfunction, distress and devastation that is common not only in the world but often in the personal lives of many who live in it.

How long does it take, when will it happen?

Life is always unfolding and blossoming in each moment at the right time in its own perfect way. Each process is different and each path, unique. Just as the seed becomes the sapling that in turn blooms to become the beautiful flower so too are each of us are on our own process of transformation. Like the caterpillar that undergoes deep change to become the butterfly, we are learning and growing, reaching and becoming to be the highest, greatest version of ourselves. Depending on the patterns and programs, the baggage and lineage we carry the process is different for each of us yet there is no hurry and no pressure as all things happen in the right time for each of us. You cannot miss your wave, or be forgotten or left behind for there is a divine spark within each of us and an animating spirit that is part of us that guides our process and brings us into alignment with the things we need that best support and serve us.

This sounds like esoteric mumbo, jumbo and fanciful nonsense. Why should this matter to me?

Much of what is shared is simply a perspective or point of view and does not profess to be truth or fact, or even hold relevance for anyone. It is shared as part of an offering that it may speak to your heart or resonate deep within your own being about something that may assist you in your own journey. Many of us find these words having lived the same things over and over, confronted by similar situations producing the same results, yearning for something else, feeling less than the freedom and joy we wish to experience in our lives with a deep sense of longing, dissatisfaction and even sorrow from the sorrow faced by the reality experienced. We wish so intensely to feel fulfilled and happy, to feel energised and alive, to fully express and be ourselves in the truest sense, and come home in the deepest sense. As travellers on similar paths, the information shared is intended to inspire and serve the greater good, to alleviate suffering and cultivate awakening so more and more people may live beautiful and prosperous lives reflective of their essence and nature.

So, what is this all about?

It is simply and merely an invitation. It is a small offer to look at life in a new, empowering way and to find a passion for living born of understanding your true nature beyond time and place, race and space. Ideas are shared, insights are revealed and suggestions are made that could open the door to a new way of living and being in this world…

Do you have any suggestions if someone is feeling lost and confused, or even insecure and unstable?

Life can present us with various challenges; challenges that can feel as intense as they are confronting. Taking stock and being willing to understand your journey is about looking closely and observing truly. Among other things, it is important to do your own research to explore what is best for you while also realising what feels best and is most appropriate may change as you change, or differ over time.

If things have been difficult for a long period of time and you find yourself unravelling or in distress, then you may very well need to speak to your qualified healthcare professional and obtain advise from an experienced clinician or practitioner. Your health and wellbeing must be your paramount and overriding consideration at all times. Self-love, self-respect and self-care is about acknowledging something is amiss or not quite right and then find ways to embrace new, different and effective solutions to manage and address things better, and explore avenues to heal. With most things in life, taking a balanced, multi-disciplinary, cross-functional, and holistic approach that respects your physical wellbeing while also tending to your mental, emotional and more subtle aspects of your being can imperative in your journey.

Staying safe and asking for help can be important during periods of adversity as well as giving yourself space, which means being gentle and patient, kind and loving. Admitting you need help and finding the ‘right’ support is not weakness, it’s wakefulness. Asking those closest to you for guidance may provide some insight, yet it may also be relevant to go further afield and ask not only the resources online but trusted professionals in a variety of fields to ensure you receive well-rounded, grounded and practical advice.

The culture of doing and having, needing and wanting that measures success or performances by reference to material outcomes or metrics can seem pointless if not punishing when we simply need to focus on our health and healing. So, go gentle and be kind, and if you need to switch-off from social media and the world to switch-on and connect more fully to yourself, then allow yourself the kind of fierce and fulsome love, the kind of deep and true affection that puts you first. It pays dividends beyond words and you are totally worth it, you beautiful and blessed creature, you!

Have you anything else to share?

No matter who says what, or what is said anywhere, even here, the fact remains that you are the absolute authority on and in your own life. As a sovereign being we are each coming to realise the power and presence of our being. The process of mastery is one that activates our dormant qualities and can seem to eclipse the deepest reservoirs of strength found in our indomitable spirit. Stand strong, stay safe and sit in stillness. There is nowhere you need to be, nothing you need to have, no one else with which you need compare your process or path. Pointers and signposts, hints and tips can at best serve as a beacon to shed light in a direction however the means to move and the motion to arrive is entirely individual.